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Budget Billing FAQs

Q. Am I eligible to sign up for Budget Billing?

A. Any residential customer is eligible if they:

Q. How long must I participate after I sign up?

A. You may withdraw from the program at any time, however, you may not re-enter the program for 12 months after you withdraw.

Q. How do I keep track of my deferred balance?

A. On your monthly bill we will show:

If you lose track of the accumulated deferred balance, you can call Keys Energy Services at any time.

Q. Will my first budget bill be higher or lower than the actual bill?

A. This depends on your energy usage and the time of the year. In any event, it will be slightly higher at certain times of the year and lower at others.

Q. Who would be a likely candidate for Budget Billing?

A. Any residential customer who wishes to eliminate the ups and downs of utility bills or households on fixed incomes.

Q. What if my account becomes past due while enrolled in the Budget Billing Program?

A. If it becomes necessary to begin the collection process, (including being visited to secure payment of the electric bill), the account will immediately be terminated from the program and the total balance will become due. In the event of meter tampering, it is understood that the program will be terminated from the customers account.

Q. What if I move to another address while in the Budget Billing Program?

A. When transferring to a new address, the total balance owed at the time of transfer must be paid or the Budget Billing Program will not be activated at the new service location until the final bill is paid in full at the previous address. It is understood that the final bill will include any deferred balance owed to KEYS.

Q. How and when can I terminate Budget Billing?

A. The customer of record will notify KEYS 30 days prior to the actual termination date of the program. Once terminated, this account will be billed, on the next regular billing date, the total balance, including the deferred balance.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Simply call one of our customer programs representatives at 295-1080, stop by our office at 927 Eaton Street, Key West, or complete the following form and click on the SUBMIT REQUEST key to e-mail your request to us. Please be advised this request is subject to approval.

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