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KEYS’ Renewable Energy Net Metering

Keys Energy Services (KEYS) offers a Renewable Energy Net Metering option for customers wishing to install Renewable Generation Systems (RGSs) at their home or business and interconnect to the electric grid.

The net metering option allows KEYS to buy back excess energy produced by privately owned renewable generation systems within KEYS' service area.

Customers should note that KEYS is not involved in the selling and/or installation of renewable generation systems, but rather in the interconnection to the electric grid and buying back of excess renewable generation.

KEYS’ customers wishing to interconnect their renewable generation systems to the electric grid please contact us at (305) 295-1080.

Net Metering Checklist

Net Metering Frequently Asked Questions

Application for Interconnection of Renewable Generation System

Standard Interconnection Agreement for Renewable Generation System

Tri-Party Net Metering Power Purchase Agreement

Net Metering Service for Renewable Generation System- Schedule NM1 Tariff

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