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Free Mulch Request

As a result of Keys Energy Services’ successful tree trimming program, Keys Energy customers are entitled to receive free mulch for their residential or commercial properties throughout the year.

In order to receive free mulch, customers must call Keys Energy Services’ Dispatch Center at (305) 295-1010, or complete the following form and click on the SUBMIT REQUEST key to e-mail your request to us, to be added to the mulch distribution list..

Customers requesting free mulch from Keys Energy Services must:

Keys Energy Services will drop off mulch based on the location of the customer request in conjunction with the location of the truck when it becomes laden with mulch. For example, if the mulch truck is in Big Pine and becomes full, KEYS will deliver the mulch to the nearest customer who has submitted a request.

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*Service Address:

*Location on Private Property Where Mulch can be Deposited:

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Please enter the code shown above and click Submit.


If the form is submitted to KEYS successfully you will receive a confirmation email within 1 business day