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11//22/2016 ~ Since 2014 Keys Energy Services’ (KEYS) crews are protected by the Florida Move Over Act as they work alongside local roads and highways to power paradise.

On July 1, 2014, the Act was amended to include utility service vehicles and sanitation vehicles to the list of public safety vehicles motorists must already slow down or move over for to protect personnel who work on roads and highways. The amendment was written by State of Florida Representative Holly Raschein and passed as part of a larger Florida Transportation bill (HB 7005).

Under the law, motorists are required to:

- Approach law enforcement patrol cars, emergency vehicles, utility service vehicles, sanitation vehicles, and tow trucks/wreckers with caution.

- Change lanes away from public safety vehicles if traveling on a multi-lane roadway and able to move over safely; or

- Slow down while maintaining a safe speed of 20-mph below posted speed limits, being careful not to impede or block the flow of traffic unless otherwise directed by a law enforcement officer.

Violating the Move Over law can result in a fine and points on your license.

Specific provisions of the law can be viewed online at


11/21/2016 ~ On Monday, November 21st, Utility Board Member Tim Root was sworn into office by Judge Edwin A. Scales III of the Florida Third District Court of Appeal at Old City Hall in Key West. Root was re-elected to the Group Three seat he has held since 2013.

PHOTO CAPTION: Judge Edwin A. Scales III of the Florida Third District Court of Appeal swears Utility Board Member Tim Root into office as his daughter Gerisue Root holds the bible.


11/21/2016 ~ When temperatures dip in the Florida Keys, portable space heaters can warm a cold and drafty house. Keys Energy Services recommends following these safety principles with portable space heaters:

- Plug portable space heaters directly into an outlet; do not use an extension cord.

- Make certain the circuit you plug a space heater into can adequately and safely handle the added demand.

- Never remove the grounding feature on a plug by clipping or grinding off the third prong.

- Use an adaptor to connect the heater’s three-prong plug, if you do not have a three-hole outlet. Make sure the adaptor ground wire or tab is attached to the outlet ground.

- Keep heaters away from passageways and keep all flammable materials such as curtains, rugs, furniture and/or newspapers at least three feet away.

- Unplug and safely store portable space
heaters when not in use.

For more electrical safety tips, visit the Electrical Safety Foundation International at


11/17/2016 ~ The Utility Board approved changes to its Enabling Act at their regular meeting on Wednesday, November 16th, regarding the election of Board members.

The approved changes include:

- A Utility Board consisting of five-members, with three members having residency requirements in the City of Key West (precincts 1-10) and two members having residency requirements in unincorporated Monroe County from Stock Island to the north easternmost end of the Seven-Mile Bridge (precincts 11-17). Currently the five-member Utility Board can only be comprised of residents of the City of Key West.

- A Utility Board elected by all voters from Key West to the north easternmost end of the Seven-Mile Bridge (precincts 1 – 17). Currently the Utility Board is elected only by residents of the City of Key West.

The changes will require ratification by the Florida State Legislature. Keys Energy Services will work with Representative Holly Raschein to submit the changes with the intention that the amendment will be introduced into Legislation during the 2017 session. Once ratified by the Legislature, the changes will take place with the 2018 and 2020 election cycles.

The regular meeting of the Utility Board took place at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 16th, in the Board Room of Keys Energy Services’ Service Building, 1001 James Street, Key West.


11/16/ 2016 ~ Keys Energy Services (KEYS) has been made aware of a legitimate third party utility bill payment website,, that could cost customers more money and delay receipt of their payment.

The website allows customers to pay their bills online; however, the approximate 5-percent transaction charge is greater than that levied by KEYS and applied to all payment methods. Also, the payment can be delayed up to nine-days before it is submitted to the Utility.

Customers wishing to pay their utility bill online should log on to and pay directly through Only customers paying by credit card are charged a flat-rate transaction fee of $3.75. Customers paying by any other method are not charged a transaction fee. Additionally, all payments made through are processed immediately and help ensure bills do not become past due.

“While is a legitimate third party payment site and KEYS ultimately receives the payment, the cost to the customer and risk that the payment may be late to KEYS is great,” said Lynne Tejeda, KEYS’ General Manager & CEO. She added that, “to ensure the lowest transaction charge and immediate receipt of payment, KEYS’ customers wishing to pay online should pay their bills directly through”

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