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11/20/2015 ~ In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday Keys Energy Services’ (KEYS) offices will be closed Thursday, November 26th, and Friday, November 27th. To accommodate the extended holiday closure, KEYS’ offices will open at 8:00A on Wednesday, November 25th, instead of the regularly scheduled 9:00A.

KEYS will re-open for regular business on Monday, November 30th, at 8:00A.


11/09/2015 ~ The Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) recently honored the community service efforts of Keys Energy Services (KEYS) by recognizing the municipal electric utility with the 2015 Building Strong Communities Award.

Honored during the building strong communities luncheon at FMEA’s annual Energy Connections Conference and Trade Show in Orlando, on November 5, KEYS received the award for its commitment to enhancing its customers’ quality of life through community-improvement programs such as their environmental initiatives to reduce green house gases and ongoing involvement and support of numerous school/youth-related activities and programs throughout their service area.

“Being a part of the community is about more than making sure the lights are on,” said FMEA Executive Director Barry Moline. “The recipients of the 2015 FMEA Building Strong Communities Awards excel in not only taking an interest in seeing their communities succeed, but also actively working toward making them better places to live and building strong communities.”

About FMEA: The Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) represents the unified interests of 34 public power communities across the state, which provide electricity to more than 3 million of Florida’s residential and business consumers.

Front row- left to right: Natasha Kilpatrick, Donna Conyers, Lisa Ward (City of Tallahassee), Nikki Johnson (City of Winter Park), Barbie Taylor (Lakeland Electric), Javier Cisneros (Fort Pierce Utility Authority), Paul Austin (City of Leesburg), Pedro Arencibia (Keys Energy Services)

Back row- left to right: Lamar Whitaker (Beaches Energy Service), Joe Young (Gainesville Regional Utilities), Wayne Hughes (Beaches Energy), Mike Poucher (Ocala Utility Service), George Hayes (Orlando Utilities Commission), Susan Noell (City of Bushnell), Chris Gent (KUA)


11/09/2015 ~ Keys Energy Services (KEYS) has once again been made aware of a local scam that is “spoofing” the utility’s phone number and targeting utility customers with the aim to have energy bill payments wired to fictitious accounts.

Under the scam, customers receive a call from a phone number that appears on Caller IDs as KEYS’ main phone number, (305) 295-1000. Customers are informed that a payment is immediately due on their electric account or they will have their service disconnected. They are then instructed to wire the payment to a fictitious account or provide their credit card information over the phone. The scammers are using the pressure of having service disconnected as a means to have victims erroneously wire money. Well informed individuals have prevented the fraud from being perpetrated, but all KEYS’ customers are advised to remain vigilant to avoid falling prey to the scam.

Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing a telephone network to display a number on the recipient’s Caller ID display that is not that of the actual originating station. Scammers can purchase “spoofing” software on the internet and perpetrate the scam from anywhere in the world. Because of the trust people tend to have in their Caller ID system, spoofing can cause even the most alert individuals to fall prey to the scam.

“If customers are unsure of the authenticity of a call and need to verify its legitimacy, they should hang up and contact KEYS directly at (305) 295-1000,” said Lynne Tejeda, KEYS’ General Manager & CEO. She added that, “phone spoofing only works one-way, customers can be assured if they hang up and call KEYS directly they will be speaking directly to the utility.”


10/22/2015 ~ On Wednesday, October 21st, Utility Board member Steve Wells was sworn into office by City Clerk Cheri Smith at City Hall in Key West.

Wells was elected to fill the Group One seat vacated by outgoing Utility Board member Barry Barroso. He will serve a shortened three-year term that will allow Utility Board elections to line up with State of Florida elections on even-numbered years. Beginning in 2018, the Group One seat term will return to four-years.

PHOTO CAPTION: (From left) Key West City Clerk Cheri Smith swears Utility Board member Steve Wells into office, as his wife Denise and daughter Lauren look on.


10/15/2015 ~ In an organizational meeting during their regularly scheduled session on Wednesday, October 14th, the Utility Board appointed Peter Batty to serve as its Chair and Mona C. Clark to serve as Vice Chair. Batty has served on the Utility Board since 2005, and Clark since 2004. The Board also approved committee appointments for 2016-2017. Committee appointments included:

Internal Committees Appointments

Advisory Committee - Rotating, All Members

Employee Relations- Mona C. Clark

Financial Planning & Audit - Peter Batty & Steve Wells

Investment Planning Committee - Charles Bradford

Land Use- Peter Batty

Building Construction Committee - Tim Root

GM Performance Evaluation Process - Mona C. Clark as Chair & Peter Batty

Local Government Liaison - Peter Batty

External Committees Appointments

APPA* Voting Delegate - Lynne Tejeda

FMEA** Board of Directors- Lynne Tejeda & Peter Batty as alternate

FMEA Legislative & Regulatory Committe - Lynne Tejeda & Mona C. Clark as alternate

FMPA*** Board of Directors - Lynne Tejeda & Peter Batty as alternate

FMPA Executive Committee - Lynne Tejeda & Jack Wetzler as alternate

FMPA Policy Makers Liaison Committee - Charles Bradford & Tim Root as alternate

The regular meeting of the Utility Board took place at 5:00 p.m., October 14th, in the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority Board Room, 1100 Kennedy Drive, Key West.

* American Public Power Association
** Florida Municipal Electric Association
*** Florida Municipal Power Agency

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