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08/13/2004 ~ Keys Energy Services (KEYS) urges customers to take special precautions when they return home and attempt to re-establish electric service following flooding.

- In many instances a professional electrician should be contacted.

- If you decide to reset your circuit breakers, follow these tips:

- As you approach your home, watch for downed power wires. Avoid any downed power lines, they may still be energized and extremely dangerous. Report downed lines to KEYS.

- Be sure to wear dry shoes with rubber soles. Stand on something dry and non-conductive. Dry wood or dry wooden furniture are good examples of non-conductive materials.

- Do not stand in water when operating switches, plugging in or unplugging appliances, resetting breakers, or replacing fuses.

- When resetting fuses, use a dry, non-conductive tool such as a piece of PVC pipe. Also use only one hand. Keep the other hand behind your back. Do not touch the metal breaker box or other grounded objects in the area.
- If circuits will not reset call a professional electrician.
After you have reset your circuit breakers continue to act cautiously:

- Check appliances to be sure they are dry and that cords have not been damaged.

- If a breaker trips or you see smoke or smell a burning odor after you plug in an appliance, unplug the appliance and have it checked.

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