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05/04/2005 ~ In May, Keys Energy Services (KEYS) will unveil a redesigned electric bill to coincide with its computer upgrade. With the exception of the redesign of the electric bill, all changes have been invisibly implemented so as to avoid unnecessary disruptions to KEYS customers.

Two major changes customers will notice are that the bill coupon, the perforated portion of the bill which is returned with the payment, is now at the bottom of the bill as opposed to the top. Also, the monthly average electric consumption graph has been replaced by a Consumption History grid which gives customers a more detailed breakdown of their average electric usage. KEYS will continue to provide its customers with a return envelope for their payments.

KEYS bills were redesigned to accommodate technological improvements which were not available when the last bill redesign and computer upgrade took place in 1998. KEYS bills were also redesigned in 2002; however, this redesign was implemented to accommodate the utility’s name change and did not coincide with a computer upgrade.

The current upgrade and bill redesign were necessary because of outdated programs and the fact that, “the costs to maintain and upgrade our previous systems were cost prohibitive,” said Brenda LaLama, KEYS Systems Analyst and Project Manager.

Customers who have further questions about the new electric bills are encouraged to call KEYS at (305) 295-1080 or (305) 295-1082 and speak to a Customer Accounts Representative.

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