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02/09/2006 ~ Florida Keys Electric Co-Operative (FKEC) and Keys Energy Services (KEYS) have scheduled additional maintenance at the Marathon Substation late Thursday evening February 9th, in to the early morning hours of Friday, February 10th. While the maintenance takes place, Keys Energy Services (KEYS) customers will be powered by local generation instead of power from the mainland grid.

Tuesday morning, FKEC crews began replacing lightning arrestors in the substation. Crews changed out two of the four arrestors Tuesday and plan on completing the work Friday morning.

The change out requires de-energizing a portion of the Marathon substation and stopping the flow of power along the transmission line (tieline) into the Lower Keys. Since power will not flow South, KEYS will use its generation located at Stock Island, Cudjoe Key and Big Pine Key - to produce electricity and serve all customers from Key West to the Seven-Mile Bridge.

KEYS customers should not experience an interruption of service, however, should be aware of said maintenance. FKEC crews will work between 12:00 to 6:00 a.m. Thursday evening, in to Friday morning, when electrical loads for the tieline are the lowest.

The Utility Board of the City of Key West jointly owns the tieline with the FKEC. The tieline extends through the Florida Keys along U.S. Highway 1 and ties into the mainland transmission grid at the Dade-Monroe County Line.

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