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10/16/2007 ~ As residents of the Florida Keys mark the second anniversary of Hurricane Wilma on October 23rd, Keys Energy Services (KEYS) prepares to receive final reimbursements from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for Wilma-related expenditures.

After each of the four hurricanes struck the Florida Keys during the record-breaking 2005 season, KEYS staff submitted reimbursement requests to FEMA for repairs necessitated as a result of the storms.

Of the four storms, all reimbursements have been received except for those associated with Hurricane Wilma. Total reimbursements received thus far from FEMA include:

- Hurricane Dennis - $1,039,973.00

- Hurricane Katrina - $528,138.00

- Hurricane Rita - $548,928.00

- Hurricane Wilma - $2,796,469.00

KEYS anticipates an additional $787,804.00 in reimbursements for Hurricane Wilma, bringing the total reimbursement to $3,584,273.00. Final reimbursements are slated to be received by December 2007.

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