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01/24/2011 ~ Keys Energy Services’ (KEYS) web site,, is now smart phone compatible.

In order to access KEYS’ smart phone compatible site, customers need simply enter into the browser of their smart phone. Through the magic of technology and cellular signals, the website is able to detect how it is being accessed and will display the appropriate version of itself.

Customers will notice the smart phone compatible version of KEYS’ website has a similar color scheme and feel to KEYS’ traditional website along with almost all of the same content - now in a format to allow for ease of viewing from mobile devices.

“When we began developing this mobile site, we looked into the creation of an actual Apple ‘App’ customers could download from iTunes,” said Julio J. Barroso, KEYS’ Communications/Marketing Coordinator. He added that KEYS, “did not go down this route for a couple reasons, mainly due to cost and the fact that the ‘App’ would have worked for Apple products, but it would have had compatibility issues with other mobile devices our customers may use.”

Barroso went on to add that, “for those customers with Apple products, once they access the mobile site from their device they can select to ‘add it to home screen’ as an icon for future reference and in a round about way have created their very own KEYS’ ‘App’.

“The creation of our smart phone compatible website further improves the ability of our customers to remain connected with KEYS whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them,” said Lynne Tejeda, KEYS’ General Manager & CEO.

The utility first launched its website in the mid-1990s, with major redesigns taking place in 2002 to coincide with its name change from City Electric System to KEYS and again in 2004 to accommodate expanded website offerings. In late 2010 it underwent a redesign to offer expanded features designed to improve usability.

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