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10/20/2003 ~ Ten Keys Energy Services employees recently took part in a day long field trip to KEYS facilities throughout the Lower Keys to better understand how the utility meets the needs of its customers.

The employees are a part of the utility’s leadership program, GEAR (Goals-Effort-Attitude-Risk) Up, and represent a wide range of professions within KEYS.

During the day long excursion, the participants followed the tie line up US Highway 1, explored the intricacies of the newly energized Cudjoe Substation, and visited the decommissioned Angela Street Diesel Plant and Key West Steam Plant.

Tanya Delgado, Department Staff Assistant for the Generation Department and KEYS employee for three years, appreciated viewing all of the KEYS properties, especially the decommissioned plant’s, “they definitely showed me what a long way we have come in generating energy.”

GEAR Up was developed as an effort to identify and provide future KEYS leaders with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the structure and inner workings of the electric utility in which they work.

In addition to investing 32 hours in class time and touring KEYS facilities, the “students” will participate in several job-shadowing opportunities and attend meetings with Senior Staff and Utility Board members throughout the year.

Susan Ham, an accountant and KEYS employee for 16 years, said GEAR-Up, “helps give participants a better understanding of the utility, the size of the service area, how the utility meets the needs of customers, and the different functions the departments employ to meet the needs of customers.”

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