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10/23/2003 ~ KANSAS CITY, MO – Keys Energy Services linemen recently competed in the 20th Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo in Kansas City, Missouri held from October 16 – 19.

The rodeo attracts the best linemen from around the world who compete in events based on traditional linemen tasks. The first Lineman’s Rodeo was held in September 1984, with 12 participating teams from Kansas and Missouri. The Rodeo has now grown to 232 teams who participated in 2003.

This year Keys Energy’s team members included Tommy Grassi, Pedro Arencibia, Bryan Veliz, and alternate Walter Cashwell. The team participated in four timed events: a pole climb in which participants must hold a raw egg in their mouths without breaking it, hurtman rescue, and two mystery events which the participants did not know the nature of until just before the rodeo began. This year the mystery events were insulator and switch change outs.

Grassi, KEYS line foremen, praised the competition for allowing participant’s to be, “exposed to other systems for teamwork, support, education, and safety in all aspects of utility operation.”

The International Rodeo was designed for participation by everyday, practicing, working linemen. The intention of the Rodeo is to recognize the profession of line work as well as demonstrate the safety, skill, and education of electric linemen.

Chuck Vinson, KEYS transmission & distribution line supervisor, praised the Rodeo as an event that benefits KEYS linemen in the long run. “It teaches them team work, the importance of safety, and the ability to exchange techniques for doing linework with linemen from across the country and around the world.”

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