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12/03/2003 ~ Keys Energy customers should find a nice surprise on their December electricity bills in the form of an energy credit that equals more than 10 percent of the bill.

The Utility Board recently approved returning $1,000,000 to customers in the form of an energy credit as a result of both higher-than-projected kilowatt hour (kWh) sales and the implementation of cost-saving measures.

Some of the cost-saving measures KEYS implemented included: the early retirement of debt, stricter inventory procedures and purchasing policies, and lower Transmission and Distribution expenses due to upgrades. Additionally, the use of Joint Agency Purchases, which allows KEYS to join forces with other utilities and agencies to make joint purchases, resulted in lower prices.

The one-time energy credit for all KEYS customers will be calculated by actual consumed kWh in December 2003, the billing period of the return. For each kWh consumed a customer will receive $.0181; the average residential customer who consumes 1,000 kWh will receive an $18.10 energy credit.

The credit will be on KEYS December billing statements due to the fiscal budget ending September 30th and the couple of months required to close the books.

It will be, a nice present to our customers during this holiday season, Utility Board chairman Robert Padron said.

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