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01/29/2013 ~ Keys Energy Services (KEYS) advises its customers that contractors for the utility continue to work to gather and update the Global Positioning System (GPS) location of all utility poles within its service area (Key West to the Seven-Mile Bridge). The project began in November and is scheduled to be complete by the end of February. All work in the Lower Keys has been complete, and crews are now focusing their attention on the utility poles within the city of Key West. Workers will be working seven-days a week from 7:30A until sunset.

KEYS customers should be aware of this project and the likelihood that they will see workers walking and/or driving to all utility poles in order to update their GPS coordinates using a handheld GPS device. All workers will have orange or yellow vests on when collecting the GPS information, and will be wearing badges identifying them as KEYS’ contractors. Additionally, KEYS’ customers should note that at no time will contractors need to gain entrance to homes or businesses in order to perform their work, however, they may need to enter backyards for utility pole access.

The project is the result of KEYS updating its land based maps to better track the location of all utility poles and electrical feeders. “Until recently obtaining GPS accuracy for the various components of our system was not available at a reasonable cost,” said Lynne Tejeda, KEYS’ General Manager & CEO. She went on to add that, “with advances in technology and decreased costs we will soon be able to have GPS-accurate maps of our infrastructure.” Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. was selected as the vendor for this project, at a total cost to KEYS of $40,102.

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