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10/04/2013 ~ Keys Energy Services (KEYS), along with Florida’s 34 public power utilities, join more than 2,000 public power utilities across the nation to share the importance of public power contributions to local citizens. Public Power Week, now in its 27th year, begins October 6th, and Florida’s municipal utilities are using this time to remind citizens of the importance of having the Home Power Advantage.

Operating quite differently than their for-profit counterparts, who must satisfy the economic demands of global investors, public power utilities are measured by the quality service they provide local consumers, and by the contributions they make to their local community. Without question, public power has the Home Power Advantage.

Public power utilities have played an important role in Florida’s electric industry for more than 115 years as local engines of economic growth. These local entities brought power to their cities and town when others refused, and today public power utilities eagerly partner with their communities to expand economic development.

With the onset of World War II in the 1940s, an environment of fuel rationing made it critical for these separate utilities to band together and share energy resources to better ensure reliability and cost effectiveness. Ranging in size from Jacksonville to Moore Haven and spanning the state from Blountstown to Key West, the state’s public power utilities serve nearly 3-million Floridians, or 14-percent of the state’s electric market. Florida’s public power utilizes collectively are Florida’s third largest source of electricity.

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