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03/05/2014 ~ Keys Energy Services’ (KEYS) recently completed a review of power outage statistics for calendar year 2013 – the result, power reliability levels are at all-time highs.

In 2013, KEYS recorded one Transmission Line (TIELINE) outage, compared to six in 2012. This is the lowest incidence of TIELINE outages since its installation in 1987. The sole TIELINE outage in 2013 resulted in a three minute power outage to KEYS’ customers, compared to 32-minutes in 2012. The purpose of the TIELINE is to transmit power in bulk over long distances. 68-miles of the TIELINE are within KEYS’ service area (Key West to the Seven-Mile Bridge) and 90-miles are within the Florida Keys Electric Co-Operative territory (Marathon to the Florida mainland).

“Our exceptional reliability statistics are impressive on their own, but even more so when you consider that our power is imported over water and that our systems face the constant threat of a marine environment,” said Lynne Tejeda, KEYS’ General Manager & CEO.

KEYS has a rigorous reliability program in place which helps result in fewer power outages. Reliability projects of note include: a relay* coordination study, fiber-optic inter-connection between relays, installation of a voltage regulation systems in Stock Island and Big Pine Key electrical substations, continuation of KEYS’ tree trimming program, installation of field reclosers with single phase tripping to help contain power outages and prevent them from becoming widespread, and storm hardening efforts that have replaced one-third of all utility poles within KEYS’ service area with concrete poles capable of withstanding 150 mile-per-hour winds.

* A protective device that monitors inputs (mechanical, thermal or others) to indicate or isolate an abnormal condition. Relays quickly detect problems and open the proper number of circuit breakers to isolate the difficulty. This prevents or minimizes damage to equipment and minimizes disruption of the normal operation of the rest of the power system.

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