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08/22/2014 ~ August 26th is designated Lineworker Appreciation Day in Florida. Electric utilities across the state will be honoring the men and women across Florida that work tirelessly in varying conditions to make sure our lights stay on.

The commemoration of Lineworker Appreciation Day at the end of August holds particular significance to the employees of Keys Energy Services, who lost their co-worker, Lineman Josh Yarbrough, two years ago on August 30th. Yarbrough died tragically in the line of duty.

In 2012, the Florida House of Representatives introduced a resolution honoring the thousands of men and women risking their lives every day ensuring the reliable delivery of electricity throughout the state. The resolution, sponsored by Representative Seth McKell (R-Lakeland), designated August 26, 2012, as “Lineworker Appreciation Day” in the State of Florida. Electric utilities across Florida continue to recognize August 26th as Lineworker Appreciation Day.

Barry Moline, executive director of the Florida Municipal Electric Association, noted the daily demands endured by lineworkers. “When you stop and consider the complexity of the nation’s power grid,” he explained, “the essential role of the lineworker comes into sharper focus. As a group, they’re responsible for maintaining the nation’s more than 5-million miles of power lines in all kinds of weather and hazards and do so 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”

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