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11/20/2014 ~ The Utility Board approved the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) of $6.2-million for Biltmore Construction Company (BCC) to act as a Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) for the renovation of Keys Energy Services’ (KEYS) Service Building at 1001 James Street in Key West during their regular meeting on Wednesday, November 19th.

The scope of work for BCC includes all site planning, preparation of bids for site construction, and supervision of all construction work. BCC will hire all subcontractors to work on the renovations, and estimate that approximately 50-percent will be locally sourced.

The renovations will include, but are not limited to: upgrading the Service Building to withstand a Category 5 hurricane; installing a new energy management system; remodeling the interior; providing backup generation; providing backup air conditioning for the 24-hour staffed Dispatch Center and Information Technology server room; flood proofing the 1st floor; new roofing; new exterior doors and windows; new electrical, fire alarm & protection systems; landscaping; and site work.

The renovation will return the midcentury modern aesthetic to the exterior of KEYS’ Service Building and reference the 1950s style when the building was originally constructed. The project was designed by Bender & Associates and will blend the renovated historic façade of the building with a reconfigured interior that will better serve the needs of a 21st century utility.

The regular meeting of the Utility Board took place at 5:00 p.m., November 19th, in the Louis Carbonell Board Room of the William Arnold Service Building, 1001 James Street, Key West.

PHOTO CAPTION: Rendering of the renovated James Street façade of KEYS’ Service Building, 1001 James Street, Key West.

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