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07/10/2015 ~ Keys Energy Services (KEYS) Transmission and Distribution (T&D) department employees have been working diligently to prevent power outages before they occur by identifying and repairing “hot spots” within KEYS’ service area.

Brady Infrared Company, a company hired by KEYS to perform infrared testing on transmission and distribution equipment, recently identified 64 heat anomalies, or “hot spots”, which would have resulted in power outages if left uncorrected. During the study, a special infrared camera was used to detect these anomalies, which are a red flag for future equipment failure.

“Knowing that a component may fail gives us the opportunity to complete corrective maintenance to achieve the highest reliability possible,” said Lynne Tejeda, KEYS’ General Manager & CEO.

Industry standards indicate such anomalies should be repaired within a 60-day timeframe. KEYS crews have been diligently working to make the repairs and will complete them well in advance of the 60-day deadline. Repairs include cleaning, replacing, realigning, recrimping, and/or rewiring electrical connections.

KEYS performs an infrared study of its equipment on a yearly basis.

PHOTO CAPTION: An infrared image of electrical equipment on Simonton Street in Key West. The connection glowing bright white/orange is a heat anomaly, or “hot spot”, which could have resulted in a power outage if left uncorrected. The hot spot has been repaired.

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