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Tree Planting & Trimming Suggestions

Tree Planting Suggestions:

While money does not grow on trees, trees can save you money by shading your home from the Florida Keys' hot sun.

The most effective way to reduce your cooling costs is to shade your home's air conditioning unit. Next, plant shade trees to block the sun's warming rays. Target sidewalls on the western, eastern and southern exposures to provide shade during Florida's warm months. Since windows provide the most direct entry for heat into your home, you will want trees to shade your windows too.

Plant trees based on how they will look when fully grown. The closer the tree is planted to the house, the longer your home will remain shaded during the day; however, be careful not to plant trees too close to your home as roots can damage your foundation and falling limbs can damage your roof. You can also plant shrubs close to your walls to keep wall temperatures down and your home cooler.

Trees may loose their beautiful shape after trimming. The best idea is to prevent the need for trimming. When you purchase or acquire a tree, KEYS recommends you ask how tall it will be when mature in order to help determine where you will plant it. A general rule to follow is:

Tree Trimming Suggestions:

When you plant a tree, KEYS asks that you consider the presence of power lines. The number one cause of power outages in the Lower Keys is the result of tree limbs intruding on electrical lines. Keeping trees trimmed away from electrical lines helps KEYS provide reliable electricity to all customers. When digging holes for trees and other items on your property please ensure there are no buried lines by calling 811 or CLICK HERE.

If any tree limbs are intruding on electrical lines, do not attempt to trim them yourself. Instead, call KEYS so a trained tree trimmer can safely trim the limbs away from electrical lines - free of charge. You may call KEYS at (305) 295-1010 to submit a tree trimming request, or CLICK HERE to submit your request online.

For additional information about landscaping in the Florida Keys, CLICK HERE to view a 'Florida Keys Newcomers Guide To Landscaping' from the Monroe County Extension Service.