Keys Energy New Hybrid Car

Click for full viewKeys Energy Services now has a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle in its fleet. The Honda Civic Hybrid uses a gasoline-electric powertrain that’s remarkably fuel-efficient. The vehicle never needs to be plugged in, and its battery pack recharges itself automatically. Simply fill the tank and drive it like you would any other vehicle.

At Keys Energy Services we are constantly looking at new technologies that improve efficiency and protect our valuable natural resources. There are several makes and models of hybrid vehicles on the market today. You may want to consider these vehicles when making your next purchase.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about hybrid vehicles and more specifically the Honda Civic we have in our fleet.

What is a hybrid vehicle?
A hybrid vehicle combines a gasoline-powered engine with an electric motor to provide increased gas mileage and lower emissions. Specifically, the Honda Civic Hybrid utilizes Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology, which uses a 1.3-liter VTEC(tm) engine for primary power, then an electric supercharger, an ultra-thin electric motor, provides added power.

Does it require a special kind of fuel?
No, the Honda Civic Hybrid uses regular unleaded gasoline; 87 octane.

How long does the battery pack last?
The battery pack is designed to last 10 years under normal driving conditions, and is covered by an 8-year/80,000-mile warranty.

Is it true about the Honda Civic Hybrid’s fuel-efficiency?
Absolutely. The Honda Civic Hybrid achieves 46/51 mpg. (Actual mileage may vary.)

Will I ever have to plug in the Honda Civic Hybrid?
No, never. The battery pack is self-sufficient and recharges itself automatically when decelerating through regenerative braking, as well as when cruising.

Is there a specific maintenance schedule the Honda Civic Hybrid should adhere to?
Just like any other Honda Civic, oils and fluids should be changed at scheduled intervals. A full engine tune-up is not needed until 110,000 miles.