Meter Center

Damage to Meter Center

In the event of storm damage to your residential or commercial meter centers, certain measures will need to be taken before KEYS is able to restore your power.

Please view the link below to see which portions of your meter center are your responsibility and which are the responsibility of KEYS.

If your portions, identified by the blue markers, are damaged, you will need to have them repaired by a licensed electrical contractor before KEYS can proceed with restoring your power. KEYS must have approval from the County or City Electrical Inspector before the service line can be re-connected and power restored. Any damage done to those portions of your meter center that are the responsibility of KEYS, identified by the red markers, will be handled by the utility in a timely manner during the restoration process.

Meter Center Responsibilities

The following diagram illustrates a meter center that no longer meets current electrical codes. If/when damage occurs to this style meter center, KEYS customers will have to update their meter centers to reflect the diagram.