Wind Demonstration Project

View the real-time output of KEYS’ Wind Turbine installed at 63-feet.

KEYS Wind Demonstration Project was funded in part by a Clean Energy Grant awarded from the State of Florida totaling. The grant was made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the United States Department of Energy. The wind turbine was installed at KEYS Cudjoe Key Electrical Substation on U.S. Highway 1 (MM 23, Oceanside).

The turbine is installed at a height of 57-feet, with the total height of the installation being 63-feet from the ground to the tip of the highest blade. The diameter of the turbine from blade tip to blade tip is 12-feet.

Wind Turbine At 63 Feet

The maximum output for the turbine is 2,400 watts and can be achieved at a wind speed of 29 miles-per-hour (mph). The minimum wind speed required for the turbine to rotate is eight mph, below this the turbine will not rotate. Energy generated from the turbine helps offset the energy used within the substation for cooling and lighting equipment. The system was not designed with a battery back-up for energy storage.