Medically Essential Service

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Keys Energy Services’ Medically Essential Service Program identifies residential customers who are dependent upon continuously electric-powered medical equipment to sustain life or prevent serious medical complications.

The primary benefit of the program is advanced notification of interruption of service due to pre-planned outages and non-payment of an electric bill. The registered customer’s account is also flagged to alert utility employees who may be working on the customer’s meter or service line.

Please be advised, participation in this program does not guarantee uninterrupted electric service, and it does not exempt customers from payment of their electric bills. The program also does not automatically extend electric bill due dates, nor does it provide priority restoration.

To qualify, in accordance with Florida Statue Title XXVII Chapter 366.15, the patient must:

  • Reside at the customer of record’s address
  • Qualify and register annually and complete certification forms supplied by KEYS and signed by a Florida licensed physician.
  • Be dependent on continuously electric-powered medical equipment to sustain life or prevent serious medical complications. Examples of qualifying equipment include oxygen concentrator, heart monitor, feeding pump or Dialysis Machine.

In the event of loss of power, it is the customer’s responsibility to have a power back-up system for their medical equipment, as well as an action plan for proceeding to the nearest medical facility.

To qualify for participation in KEYS’ Medically Essential Service Program, please complete and sign the Medically Essential Service Certification Form Part A, and have your physician complete and sign the certification form Part B.

Medically Essential Service Form

Please return this form signed and completed by you and your Physician to KEYS:

Email: or
Mail to: Keys Energy Services
Medically Essential Service
Attention: Safety and Risk Coordinator
P.O. Box 6100
Key West, FL 33041-6100

For questions regarding our Medically Essential Service Program, please call 305-295-1177. To view the Medically Essential Service Policy please see KEYS’ Customer Service Policy Manual.

If you need financial assistance please go to for more information.