PO Terms & Conditions

PO Terms & Conditions


  1. This order is subject to modification or cancellation in event of conditions beyond our control.
  2. KEYS reserves the right to cancel any portion of this order if not filled as specified.
  3. Defective goods will be promptly returned at the vendor’s expense and credit taken.
  4. By accepting this order the vendor agrees to defend, protect and hold harmless the Utility Board of the City of Key West, its successors, assigns, customers, and the users of its products against all suits at law or in equity, and from all damage, claims and demands for actual or alleged infringements of United States or Canadian letters patent, by reasons of the use of articles hereby ordered.'
  5. This purchase order is not legal unless approved by the Chief Financial Officer.
  6. Payment will be made only in accordance with this order, corrections or price adjustments must be authorized by the Buyer prior to shipment of goods.
  7. If this contract is breached, the non‐breaching party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.
  8. If this order includes vendor travel, reimbursements will be made in accordance with KEYS travel policy. A copy is available upon request.
  9. If the vendor has questions regarding the application of Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, to the vendor’s duty to provide public records relating to this contract, contact the custodian of public records at:

    Keys Energy Services
    Gricel Owen
    PO Box 6100
    Key West, Florida 33040