Modular Housing Procedures


Keys Energy Services (KEYS) offers these tips to residents to ensure the timely delivery and installation of electric service.

When customers are preparing site plans for their new home, they should call KEYS at (305) 295-1080 to initiate contact and establish a timeline for the project.

In some instances, KEYS may not be able to accommodate a customer’s request.

At KEYS discretion, in order to temporarily disconnect electric service and remove overhead electric lines in order for a modular home to be installed, homeowners may obtain the written acknowledgement of their neighbors to plan a power outage which may last approximately five to six hours. The cost to remove and reinstall the power lines will be approximately $1,300.00.

If KEYS determines overhead electric lines cannot be removed, KEYS may be able to install temporary electric poles and lines to re-route the power and allow for the installation of the modular home. This could cost approximately $12,000.00.

Customers must pay all associated fees in advance. No work will be scheduled until payment is received.

If overhead electric lines are temporarily removed and a power outage is planned, signatures of all impacted customers acknowledging the outage date, time and duration must be received by KEYS at least five business days prior to the scheduled outage.

Payment must be received approximately 6 to 8 weeks in advance if temporary poles and lines need to be installed.

Once payment is received by KEYS’ Customer Services Department, the Transmission & Distribution Department will schedule the project.

Preferred home delivery dates may not be achievable due to KEYS’ work load and schedule. Customers are urged to plan in advance to meet all applicable deadlines.