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Realtor/Property Manager Authorization Listing

Keys Energy Services (KEYS) periodically reviews its records to ensure compliance when electrical services are rendered to corporate/commercial customers.

In an effort to protect corporate/commercial customers from unwanted liability, KEYS requires a written listing of those individuals who have authorization to obtain electrical services in your company or corporate name. KEYS maintains a file with the names of those authorized individuals; however, please keep in mind anytime you have a change in personnel you must notify KEYS by updating your authorization listing.

Non-compliance with the request for updated information may cause unnecessary delays in KEYS ability to provide you with the level of service you expect.

Should you have any questions or wish to update your authorization listing, please contact Sabrina Hall at (305) 295-1115, or via e-mail at

Process for Obtaining Residential Electrical Service

KEYS process for obtaining residential electrical services:

1.) Must complete and sign Contract for Service
2.) Meet Deposit Requirements
3.) Provide a copy of valid government issued photo identification (ID # only, if ID already on file)
4.) Provide a copy of rent receipt/lease agreement or proof of ownership
5.) Any account that must be in a corporation’s name must be signed for by an officer of the corporation, and a copy of the articles of incorporation must be furnished to KEYS. The documents must list the corporate officer who is requesting electrical service. If the above is not available KEYS may accept a Corporate Statement on company letterhead (see required sample verbiage) or in lieu of letterhead the statement must be submitted with a business card attached for the representative requesting the service. The statement must either be notarized or accompanied by a copy of valid government issued photo identification.

In addition, to the above process for obtaining residential electrical services, Realtor/Property Managers obtaining electrical services for foreclosures/bank owned properties must:

6.) Submit notarized Realtor/Property Manager Affidavit
7.) Provide a copy of the fully executed Listing/Property Management Agreement
8.) Provide a copy of Certificate of Title or Warranty Deed (In lieu of Item # 4 above)