Time-of-Use Pilot Program

Save Money, Make a Difference

KEYS Customers can save money on their electric bills by enrolling in KEYS new Time-of-Use Pilot Program and shift electricity use away from times of the day when electricity is in high demand.

What are Time-of-Use (TOU) rates?

Throughout the course of each day, the demand for electricity moves up and down. During “peak” demand periods – such as summer afternoons when air-conditioning usage is high, or as people are coming home from work, turning on household items, starting dinner, and winding down from their day for example – the cost of generating electricity is more expensive. There are also daily “off-peak” periods when electricity usage is lower, making the cost of producing electricity less expensive. TOU rates provide an incentive to reduce the demand for electricity during “peak” times by allowing customers to pay lower rates for electrical usage during “off-peak” times.

Can I save money?

KEYS offers lower energy prices when the demand for power is not at its highest. By enrolling in the Time-of-Use Pilot Program and shifting your energy consumption to off peak hours, you can not only save money through reduced electricity costs but you are also reducing stress on the electric grid.  When you use electricity will determine how much money you actually save. If you shift much of your usage to the off peak or super off-peak hours, you will enjoy lower cost energy.

Please be advised, enrollment in the program does not guarantee monthly cost savings. KEYS will not adjust bills in the event enrollment in the program results in a higher monthly bill.

When are the off-peak hours and what will the cost be for a Residential Customer?
Summer (June-Sept)
Winter (Oct-May)

On Peak*
4pm - 6pm

$0.40230 kWh

$0.16230 kWh

Off Peak
5am - 4pm
6pm - 11pm

$0.11070 kWh

$0.11070 kWh

Super Off Peak
11pm - 5am

$0.02315 kWh

$0.02315 kWh

*Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

Please click to see KEYS’ Electric Rate Tariffs for Small Commercial TOU Rates

(Small Commercial TOU on page 14; Small Commercial Government on page 19).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I go on the program, but decide it’s not a good fit for my household?
Enrolled customers have the option to exit the program by providing 30 days’ notice to KEYS  after the first full month of being on the rate should they feel it is not beneficial.

Pilot program customers who have been unenrolled may not re-enter the pilot program,  however, if KEYS implements a permanent  Time-of-Use Program a customer may enter at that time.

2. Can I check my usage and rate mid-month to make sure I’m meeting my savings goals?
Not at this time.

3. Do I need to be home when they install my new meter?
Only if the meter is inaccessible for our field technicians.

4. I own an electric vehicle – will the TOU rate help me save money?
Whether or not you would save depends upon a number of factors. As a general rule, electric vehicle owners who are able to shift their charging to off peak times, along with other household electric consumption – such as laundry and dishwashing - may save money on this rate.

How do I sign up?

KEYS offers a voluntary Time-of-Use Rate Pilot Program for Residential and Small Commercial customers on a first-come, first-served basis. This program applies to enrolled customers as of January 1, 2024.

By signing up for this program and shifting your energy usage to off-peak and super off-peak time periods you could reduce your energy bill. When you use energy during off-peak times you will receive a lower rate for the energy used during that time.

To apply, simply contact KEYS’ Customer Programs Department at 305-295-1080. (Enrollment in the pilot program is subject to KEYS approval and will require you to execute a Time-of-Use Pilot Program Agreement.  The Agreement will be provided upon approval by KEYS.)

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